mine did anyways.

probably the best thing I've done for myself this year.

signing off, ashC.


wear heaps of red and PLEASE, avoid all bulls at any cost!

3 days without net!

Oh my sweet loving internet, how I would never leave you again.
Aahh, civilization.
*sleeps in peace*


Money, what money?!

I got a watch from my sis!

I'm loving it loving it loving it.

Those black parts are not black metals, they're a type of wood. <3 the unique'ness of wood and silver.

Now I have a RM 400 Baby G watch, Dad's gift to me - a Calvin Klein watch and this Rm350! I know I know, I notice it too. All my watches cause a fortune. Proud to be me right now. C;

Thanks Ash! May Red Rooster pay you more =] Lol

I've been using so much of her money that it won't be a wonder if one day she goes...


Don't worry, I'm still on a job hunt mission here. Dang it ppl, just hire me already!



I slept so much during the day. Right now its 2 in the morning and still, I'm not tired.
Maybe I'm nocturnal. Hehe.
Too bad I'm not a nocturnal predator in the wild. I would have something to do then. Its no fun being human and staying up the whole night.
That leads me to one thing - Blog.

Joyce turned 21! Happy Birthday Joyce! (loves 21) <3

Claire bear. Ain't she adorable. She's turning 13 this year. (I feel so old).

I met this guy, Tim, at Joyce's party. He's so talkative and funny! Like the whole time, we couldn't eat because we kept laughing. And he invited me to go to the beach with him (so we could laugh somemore) but I couldn't.

Sorry Tim, I'll make it up to you. Maybe one day I'll turn up at your work place to entertain you.

Naww, don't cry. Haha kidding. He's camera shy. That's so not like you, Tim. Gasp! I know you too well already.

Tadaa. Stole from his facebook. Teehehe.

Its the birthday girl! Hmm, she has the same expression as Tim. Looked alike too. xD

See that guy behind Joyce. His name is Stephen Chao (Stephen Chow).
I'm not kidding. I didn't believe them at first too.

Stephen Chao likes camwhoring with my mobile. Haha. (Don't you think Stephen is shining like a star here? xD)

And taking pics of us when we're weren't ready. He did that a lot of times with some other cameras too. (I'm like looking disgustingly at something.)

Know why this pic is dark? Tim's finger was blocking the flash. Haha.

Someone's fingers dirtied my camera lens. Notice the blurrness at my end.
Naww, Joyce looks so pretty. =]

Ashley in her Red Rooster uniform. Haha.

Yup, that's it. Peace out.



Gaahh, sooo itchyy!

I'm allergic to something! I had rashes from drinking wine the other day but that wasn't it. I slept on the carpet in my apartment and suddenly, POOF! It became koko krunch! I had these stupid annoying itchy rashes.

GAAHHHHHHH..!! *scratch scratch*

Btw, my rashes are disgustingly ugly. My skin looks like it has hundreds of pimples. Yucks.
=] Happy imagining it.


On a little note.

hello readers!
today I shall show you what gets me to work every single time!


TADA! the typical "sending ASHLEY off to work" gesture I get every single time I leave the house for work.
good stuff(;

the working bee, ashC!